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Working With Class Three 


I typically execute three types of documents with clients.  You can view a template of each of the three documents by clicking on the name of the document below.  If a client already has its own version of these documents, I'll be happy to work with their documents instead.

Non-Disclosure Agreement.  I strongly recommend that a non-disclosure agreement be executed prior to any substantive discussions of a new product or project.

Master Services Agreement. I will require the execution of a Master Services Agreement (MSA) prior to engaging in any substantive discussions of a new product or project.  The MSA does not authorize me to initiate or invoice for any consulting services.  Instead, the MSA addresses the legal side of the business relationship should a client choose to secure my consulting services.

Work Order.  I provide consulting services under Work Orders that can be issued by a Client once a Master Services Agreement has been executed.  Scope of work, hourly rate, deliverables, and timeframes are specified in each Work Order.


Financial Policies


Hourly Rate.  The rate may vary somewhat from Work Order to Work Order, depending on the level of regulatory knowledge and experience I think is required to competently complete the work described in a particular Work Order.

Retainer.  A retainer is required or all Work Orders, based on the scope of work.

Invoicing.  Invoices are issued twice monthly with a net of 30 days.  Each invoice shows the total hours spent on a given Work Order.  A brief report of the progress on the work order is included with each invoice.

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